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Product Details

Category Name:

Stainless steel folding door

Product Name:

stainless steel folding door

Product Code: 8028
Status: Available
Price: Please contact
+848.6673.6186 or +848.6673.6187

Detail of stainless steel folding door


Tin Ta Corporation is the pioneer in manufacturing and erection of stainless steel space frame, steel space frame, space frame of Stadium with European standards. The foreign experts are in charge of production process. The Tin Ta product lines such as space truss, dome, industrial tank, stainless steel tank, stainless steel pipes, stairs, stainless steel handrail, automatic gate, folding door, which always qualify “Safety - Nice”. 2 year warranty



Folding gate
The strong point
- Luxury and beauty
- Stainless steel material is shiny and bear all the weather effects
Works smoothly with smart motors, wheel system and classified grid
Easy to use: just press a button, you can open it easily.

Structure: the system includes

 The stainless steel bar can be designed for stowage easily
Scroll wheel system
The electric motor
The flash signal
The opening and closing control
Anti-collision light sensor
The parameters, height by design, many styles for customers to choose